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The last few years have seen huge advances in the world of Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMEd). The mission of the FOAMEd community is to provide free educational content for all medical specialists, regardless of location, institution, or level of training. This goal complements the teaching model of residency, but we feel that it should be a two-sided effort. Our mission for the NUEM Blog is to create high-quality educational content and at the same time give our residents the opportunity to develop their reading, writing, and reviewing skills. Each post is created using a bottom-up model: a junior resident and senior resident work together to select a core-content topic, after which the junior writes the initial draft and the senior reviews and edits it. The final draft is reviewed by one of our faculty members before final publication.

The NUEM Blog is a project run by residents, for residents. From core EM content to brand new advances in research, we seek to bring a resident perspective to the FOAMEd world. The NUEM Blog will also showcase ongoing resident-led initiatives at Northwestern, such as the exciting work being done by our Airway and Ultrasound Committees. As our resident projects continue to develop, so will the content of the NUEM Blog. In the spirit of FOAMEd, everything on this site will always be free and open to the world, and we welcome any feedback that you, our readers, might have to help us continue to improve.

NUEM Blog Team

Michael Macias, MD,

2017 Graduate

Editor-in-Chief, Designer & Site Developer

Terese Whipple, MD,

PGY-2 EM Resident

Resident Associate Editor 

Matthew Klein, MD, 

PGY-4 EM Resident

Social Media Specialist 


Vidya Eswaran, MD, 

PGY-2 EM Resident

Social Media Specialist 

Rachel Haney, MD, 

2017 Graduate

Ultrasound Core Content Development 

Kevin Dyer, MD,

PGY-2 EM Resident


David Kaltman, MD, 

PGY-2 EM Resident

Expert Recruitment 

Patrick Lank, MD

Faculty Advisor & Associate Faculty Editor - Toxicology and Pharmacology

Seth Treuger, MD

Faculty Advisor & Associate Faculty Editor 

Abra Fant, MD

Faculty Advisor & Associate Faculty Editor 

Naz Shakeri, MD

Faculty Advisor & Associate Faculty Editor 

Chelsea Harrison

Advisor & Blog Coordinator