Top 5 Papers: Being A Senior Resident


Welcome to the first edition of the The NUEM Blog Top 5! Every other week we will be releasing a post highlighting both fresh and landmark studies in emergency medicine relevant to your practice. We will feature recommendations from our brightest senior emergency medicine residents as well as from esteemed Northwestern Emergency Medicine faculty members. We recommend downloading the program Read to assist with archiving not only our recommended literature but also any article you come across to allow for easy access and viewing on multiple devices. You can also follow our Read Collection so you never miss an article. 


Top 5 Papers For Being A Senior Resident From Matt Klein, NUEM PGY-3


Failure to Obtain Computed Tomography Imaging in Head Trauma: A Review of Relevant Case Law. Acad Emer Med 2015. 

If we're going to use decision rules, we should know the proper indications and be sure to apply them correctly.

ED cognition: any decision by anyone at any time. CJEM 2014.

Decision making in the ED is complicated. We should recognize how we make decisions and be aware of biases.

Unanticipated Death After Discharge Home From the Emergency Department. Annals of Emer Med 2007.

What factors make a patient high risk for discharge? You can send home a tachycardic patient, but it should make your heart rate go up a little.

Improving verbal communication in critical care medicine. J Clin Care 2011

EM is the ultimate team sport and communicating with team members is a key skill.

Cherry picking patients: Examining the interval between patient rooming and resident self-assignment. Acad Emer Med 2016.

Residents do not rush to sign up for “numbness and tingling” or “vaginal bleeding.”

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Mike Macias, NUEM PGY-4

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Matt Klein, NUEM PGY-3

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Posted on October 27, 2016 and filed under Top 5 Papers.