Top 5 Papers: Acute Coronary Syndrome

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Top 5 Papers For Acute Coronary Syndrome

From Mike Macias, NUEM PGY-4


Acute Coronary Events. Circulation 2012

A deep dive into the pathophysiology of coronary plaque development and rupture, guaranteed to inform you of things you probably didn't know about coronary syndromes. 

Patients without ST elevation after return of spontaneous circulation may benefit from emergent percutaneous intervention: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Resuscitation 2016

Nearly one third of patients who have been successfully resuscitated from cardiopulmonary arrest without ST elevation on ECG have an acute lesion that would benefit from emergent percutaneous coronary intervention.

Does This Patient With Chest Pain Have Acute Coronary Syndrome?: The Rational Clinical Examination Systematic Review. JAMA 2015

Traditionally held beliefs about ACS presentation may not be true. This systematic review discusses cutting edge diagnosis and risk-stratification strategies ready to incorporate into your practice.

A New ECG Sign of Proximal LAD Occlusion. NEJM 2008

This is an ECG finding that you cannot miss...and your cardiologists might not even known about it!

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Mike Macias, NUEM PGY-4

Twitter: @emedcurious

Matt Klein, NUEM PGY-3

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