Airway FOAMed Essentials

The Essential Emergency Airway Care Course @ The Sharp End. New residents or  practicing EM physicians that needs an airway refresh look no further for all your airway management education from preparation, to airway pharmacology, to difficult airway algorithms. 

The Psychology of the Difficult Airway is a podcast at ER Cast with Rob Orman and Rich Levitan that introduces the concept of how our stress response plays into the difficult airway and how to management this issue. 

Delayed Sequence Intubation is a novel technique to assist with oxygenation of the agitated patient. Scott Weingart discusses DSI along with his recent publication regarding the success of this new technique. 

Airway Analysis is a lecture from SMACC GOLD last year that delves into the true anatomy of the difficult airway and how we need to change the way we think about our approach.

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