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Asplenia in The Emergency Department

From an infectious perspective, asplenia poses a serious risk factor in acquiring various types of infections. The spleen plays a critical role for the immune system in having a robust response to various encapsulated organisms... Read this week's post to learn more about managing these at risk patients. 

HIV Counseling in the ED: Commonly Asked Questions and How to Answer Them

Testing for HIV in the emergency department (ED) has become a vital topic and policy in hospitals across the country.  Early diagnosis of HIV is critical in decreasing transmission rates, in addition to providing better outcomes for patients, as early diagnosis often leads to earlier treatment. Today we discuss how to counsel patients with a new diagnosis of HIV in the ED. 

Posted on February 13, 2017 and filed under Infectious Disease.


Skin infestations are frequently encountered in the ED, particularly among the homeless population, though data on the number of visits are lacking. While patients with infestations may seem like pests in the middle of a busy shift, these conditions can be a public health menace, and may be markers of serious underlying pathology. 

Posted on January 9, 2017 and filed under Infectious Disease.

Acute Retroviral Syndrome In The ED

Consider acute retroviral syndrome like endocarditis or meningitis or epidural abscess: another life threatening cause of a seemingly benign febrile illness that we must recognize. HIV infection, especially in its primary phase, represents a life threatening malady that could have serious implications on the patient and the public health at large if not diagnosed.